What kind of wax is used?

Originally we used a soy paraffin wax blend with more than 50% of the wax being made up by soy. Starting Dec 2020, we began using a 100% soy wax product.

What is curing?

Curing is a process that allows your wax and scents to set up. Being that our wax is at least 100% soy we recommend curing for at least a week of 2 for optimal scent throw.

How do I know how long my wax has been curing?

We will always include a note anytime a wax needs a bit longer to be perfect, and you are welcome to use your wax on day 1 you receive it. However, we do recommend giving it a day or 2 to cure just in case its a very fresh pour.

How much wax should I use?

We recommend at least 1 tart to start with. You can always add more if you'd like to make scents stronger. Or use less for a fainter scent throw.